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gman's Kawasaki KLR650 Tool Kit
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A work in progress...
Tool Kit:
Stock KLR tool kit Cheap tools but the smallest 19 & 24 mm wrenches I've found plus an OK spark plug wrench.   I just leave it in the stock location, as the little pocket isn't good for much else.
#2 Phillips  
#3 Phillips
Spoke Wrench
BOX Wrench,18MM (sparkplug?)
BOX Wrench,12MM
24mm Box End Wrench
19mm Box End Wrench
10mm - 12mm Open End Wrench
14mm - 17mm Open End Wrench
Box End Wrench Extension Bar
6mm Allen Wrench

Basic Tools
These, along with the stock took kit, is all you need to replace everything on the KLR except for rotor and tires. Throw in a 32mm offset wrench, rotor puller, some RTV, and the tire tool kit and there's nothing you can't replace.
It all fist into a model 2000 Otterbox that easily drops into the bottom of a saddlebag.  It can also be mounted to the frame opposite the muffler or above the skid plate.
8mm 8mm combo wrench for balancer adjustments and shroud removal.
10mm This is the most commonly used wrench on the KLR.  Get a good one!  The open/reversible ratching box combo wrenches like the Craftsman 42421 or the SK 89710 are quality choices.
(12mm) 12mm combo wrench for ....
Screwdrivers Craftsman 1/4" square drive spinner handle, bit adaptor, and four bits.
(3/16", 9/32" slotted and #1 and #2 Phillips)
1/4" Scockets Craftsman XXXX ratchet, ...
Allen (Hex) --
Mini Side-Nipper (A.K.A. Diagonal Cutting Pliers.)
Other --

Wheels & Tires
I usually carry only the jack, irons, and patch kit on rural trips.  The valve tool fits in with the stock tool kit and the tire pump stays behind the right faring.
Tire irons Two or three, $3 pry bars from Harbor Freight.  They work just like long tire irons with handles and they're 80% cheaper.
I use two and my foot, but then I ALWAYS wear heavy boots.
Bead breaker Again, I just use my foot. If you're a lightweight, or an idiot that rides in thongs (flip-flops to the uninformed), then carry something like the xxxx from xxxx.
Valve tool(s) 4-in-1 valve tool.
Also, replace the plastic stem caps with a couple of the metal ones that have a valve tool on top.
Jack Homemade cycle-jack.
Tire pump --
Patch kit --
Bead lock tools It's usually just the 10mm wrench that's already in the kit, but double check it.

Maintaince, repair, and patching stuff.
Zip ties Usefull for lots of things.
Chain oil Keep the chain lubed for long life and safty!
Bullet Fuses A 6 pack fits in with the stock tool kit. 20A
Cotter pins --
-- --
Spare clutch &
brake handles...
I've never had one break and if the spill is bad enough to break'm, you'll probably need more than just the handles.
Kawasaki Motorcycles
KLR650 FAQ   Almost everything you want to know.
Arrowhead Motorsports  Need parts & stuff fast! Call Fred.
Husqvarna Motorcycles  Not really a Dual Sport cycle but Husky Supermoto's are sweeeet!
Unfortunatly there's no dealer anywhere near here.
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