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gman's Custom Highway Pegs
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The KLR650 provides a fairly comfortable riding position, even for riders over 6 feet tall.  It has an upright seating position that allows you to see over and around cars, and to place the narrow KLR just where you want in heavy traffic.  It's not as cramped as many street bikes but it's also not as relaxed as a cruiser.  Still, with the KLR's impressive 6.1 gallon tank and 50+ mpg economy, you can ride half a day with out needing to stop. 
Spending that amount of time in one seating position can cause cramps, shakes, or a numb butt.  This can be dangerous as your mind becomes distracted from the road.  Optimally, one should pull off to stand and stretch but sometimes this just isn't convenient or possible.  In that case an alternative riding position is needed.

Many riders claim they use the passenger pegs as a second riding position.  While this does provide a different riding position, it's only slightly different than the factory set up, and I find it to be a more cramped position and one that tends to cause the body to slide forward on the seat causing an uncomfortable wedgie feeling.

The other option is to add a set of highway pegs.  You can purchase a nice setup from Happy Trails for about $100, various shady setups for about $50, or you can build your own, in less than two hours, for under $12.  (Not counting the time it takes the paint to dry.)

All the materials used here, except for the hardware, were purchased from a local steel suppliers remnant bin for $2, but you can find the same materials at most hardware stores or home centers like Menards, Mac's, or even *shudder* Home Depot.

Parts List:
(2) KLR650 footpegs
(1) 16" 1x1 14 gage sq. tubing
(2) 3" 1/2x1/2 square tubing
(4) 2.5" 1x1/8 flat stock
(2) 3.25" 1 1/2x1/8 flat stock
(2) 8Mx45 bolts
(2) 8mm nylock nuts
(2) 8Mx75 bolts
(4) 8M brass washers
Highway Pegs/Bar Construction

If you're like many KLR650 owners, you've replaced your slippery factory foot pegs with something like IMS Super Stock foot pegs, leaving you with a set of stock pegs lying around.  Now's your chance to use'm.  If you haven't replaced them or have already tossed your old pegs you can get a set on ebay for about ten bucks.

The following images describes how I built my own set of highway pegs.

Leftover parts after installing a set of
IMS foot pegs.
Start with a 16 inch length of 1" square tube with a mark at the a center line.
Plug off the ends of the tube with 7/8" square bits of metal. Attach a piece of wire to the plugs so they don't fall into the tube.
Make two set of end brackets to hold the factory pegs. Tack and then weld a pair of bracket to each end of the 1 inch tube...
...So that when the peg swings forward it stops when it's in alignment with the bar. Cut two 3.25" long sections of 1 1/8" flat stock and drill two 11/32" mounting holes.  Use the factory motor mount as a template.
Tack and then weld the two mounting brackets to the main bar, 2 3/8" appart.
The scrap piece on the left is just to keep the brackets parallel during welding.
(Your measurments may vary slightly.)
Cut two 3" sections of 1/2" square tubing and bevel the ends to line up between the mounting plates and the main bar.  Tack in place.
Once both braces have been tacked in place, check fitment, and then fully weld the joints. Here's the finished highway peg setup.  The pegs are held on with 8Mx45 bolts and nylock nuts.  Use the brass washers as bushings between the pegs and the brackets.
Right side view of mounted prototype. Left side view of mounted prototype.
Mount the pegs with 8Mx75 bolts grade 8.8 or better. Painted and mounted.  Now go ride!
  • Pegs + 900mi
    I've heard people say that highway bars provide nothing in the way of protection in the event of a crash.  This is definitely not true!  I laid the KLR down on it's right side yesterday (Aug 31st) and the only damage sustained was to the IMS foot peg, right end of the handlebar, and the original footpeg attached to the highway bar.  Not even a scratch on the case!
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