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gman's Kawasaki KLR650 Stuff
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2002 KLR650-A16
My 2002 KLR650
The link section
Kawasaki Motorcycles
KLR650 FAQ   Almost everything you want to know.
Top Gun Motorcycle Products  KLR650 & DR650 info & tech from Elden Carl and others.
Mark's KLR Pages  Numerus KLR tech procedures.
AMA Database of State Motorcycle Laws  What's legal where.
Conall's Kawasaki KLR650 Page  KLR Info & Tech links.
KLR Forum.
Parts for KLR's
Arrowhead Motorsports  Need parts & stuff fast! Call Fred. (Retired)
Dual-Star   Lots of Dual Sport accessories. (Defunct?)
Ron Ayers  Discount motorcycle parts.
Babbitts  Discount motorcycle parts.
Big Cee Engineering  Shark Fins and other stuff. Dash Template
Happy Trails  Luggage racks, highway pegs, more...
KLR650.com  KLR650 Parts and Accessories Supplier.
KLR Part Manufactures
Moto-Sportpanniers Dirt-Bagz   Dirt Bike saddlebags
ElectroSport  Stators and Regulator Rectifiers
Corbin  Motorcycle Seats & Accessories.
D.I.D Chain   X-Ring chain for low friction performance.
Big Gun Exhaust  The best sound, fit, and performance.
Galfer  Brake pads and SS brake line.
Super Bright LED's  That's what they sell.
Shoei Helmets  Keep your brain where it belongs.
Dunlop   Tires
Kenda  Tires
Pirelli  Tires
Mefo  Tires
Miller Welders  Stuff to stick stuff together.
Motion Pro  Quality Tools, Cables and Controls.
Otter Box  Rugged waterproof boxes (Now carring a reduced selection.).
Just Cool Stuff
205 MPH  Yeah Right!
458 MPH  Go along for the ride. Moved to YouTube
Husqvarna Motorcycles  Not really a Dual Sport cycle but Husky Supermoto's are sweeeet!
Unfortunatly there's no dealer anywhere near here.
Republicans are the party of evil!
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